David Kadavy  – Number 18 on All of Amazon beating presidents and Tim Farriss - how to finish the book and stay on top

David Kadavy believes you have a creative gift to share with the world, and he wants to help you make it real. His books include The Heart to Start, Design for Hackers, and several short reads. On his weekly podcast, Love Your Work, David shares the secrets of creative entrepreneurs such as Seth Godin, James Altucher, Joanna Penn, and Mark Manson.

The motivation behind David’s work is personal. In 2004, he was stuck in a cubicle in Nebraska. Since then, he’s worked in Silicon Valley as a product designer, spoken in eight countries, lived “mini lives” around the world, and moved to Colombia to double down on writing and podcasting. He’s so grateful for his change in direction, that he wants to prevent others from making the mistake he almost made – the mistake of living the wrong life.

David bolsters his advice with research in behavioral science, neuroscience, and psychology. In fact, he worked with behavioral scientist Dan Ariely on a productivity app called Timeful. Google bought Timeful, and now its features are a part of Google Calendar.

But, David steers clear of dryly citing one study after another. More than anything, he believes in the power of story to engage and ignite the human spirit – to inspire action and transformation.

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